Liam's Canine Fitness is an active day care and training center. Here, your dog will get to go on exciting adventures throughout the Plymouth wilderness with a pack of new-found friends - and the Canine Fitness Team. On our adventures they will hike, swim, and get to be true dogs in the openness of nature!

After so many years in business, we have learned many things but one stands out from the rest: dogs are dogs, and always will be. They need fun, play, nature, and exercise - and lots of it! Liam's Canine Fitness is here to give them that chance.

Take a look at the Experience Outline below then call us, today, to schedule your dog's next trip into the great outdoors:

  • All Hikes are Done With Our Specialized Equipment
  • All Hikes are FULLY Staffed With able and Experienced Personnel
  • Water is Carried and Given Freely Throughout The Hike
  • All Dogs are Safe and Under Our Control at all Times

Contact Information

Liam Murphy's Canine Fitness
74-7 Camelot Drive
Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-759-2199