About Us

Liam Murphy's Canine Fitness was started by my wife, Jennifer, and I, back in 2002. Since then, our goal has stayed the same: better the lives of South Shore dogs and make life easier for their owners. We have always worked with dogs and used our love for them, and our industry expertise, to build our one-of-a-kind company. We are proud of what we do and attribute our success to three major factors:

1) Our Reputation: We make a promise to our clients that their dog will receive the best care possible. Every day, we make good on that promise.

2) Our Product: We provide unique products and services that no other dog daycare in the Plymouth area can match.

3) Our Openness: At Liam's Canine Fitness, we encourage owners to come along on our hikes and adventures! We want them to get a true sense of what their dogs experience. In the forest, there are no closed doors!

It's our dream that every dog has his day (outdoors) and at Liam's Canine Fitness, we make that dream a reality.

Contact Information

Liam Murphy's Canine Fitness
74-7 Camelot Drive
Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-759-2199
Email: caninefitness@yahoo.com